Let's plot

Posted by GTrefalt on June 22, 2012

Story about Gnuplot - plotting program that rules.
Today I've decided to write something about a plotting program that makes my life easier every day. As a scientist, my language is full of graphs, it easier to talk looking at pictures rather than numbers. In my opinion Gnuplot is just the best choice when it comes to turning your data to curves, or just want to see how sin(x) looks. It easy to use and it produces good and nice looking results, with a bit of programming knowledge it can be turned to a powerful tool. Furthermore its open source and free of charge. If you are interested to learn more about it go to www.gnuplot.info, there you can download it, and see how diverse and beautiful graphs it can produce. Another two good pages with examples and for learnign are www.gnuplotting.org and Not so FAQs.

Here are some examples that I have made: