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What can you find on my page? Off course there is some info about me. There is a blog, where you can find nice pictures from my trips to mountains, some tips where to go climbing, or just my opinions about the world around me. If you are interested in what am I doing at work click on research. If you get excited about the stuff you find there you can find further details in my publications, if this is not the case take a look at some beautiful pictures on my blog. For anything else that you want to ask or comment you can find my contact information here.

About Me

It always hard to talk about yourself, so I will not even start with what I am like, you can ask my friends if you really want to know. I rather talk about what I like to do.

Mountains are the place where I fill my batteries, actually fill my mental batteries, while emptying the physical ones. I like to enjoy them in any time and place. Climbing a nice route in Summer, trying to go up the vertical with crampons and ice axes (see below), skiing from the top or just hiking and enjoying the views.

On a frozen water fall in the Mauvoisin Valley, Switzerland.

On the rock in the Vipava Valley, Slovenia.

I come from Slovenia, a small country with spectacularly beautiful nature. It is a perfect place for a people like me, who like to spend a lot of time outside, breathing fresh air. Here is a list of things that you can do in Slovenia. It is extremely geographically diverse with mountains, Mediterranean sea, flat lands and hilly countryside all within the reach of a one hour drive. Let me give you a few examples:

Jalovec (2645 m) for many people, including me, the most beautiful mountain in Slovenia (Source: www.wikimedia.org).

Amazing Soča River Valley, just a great place to explore.

Piran the town on the coast, where you can enjoy the sun and the views around you (Source: www.wikimedia.org).

Currently I live and work in Switzerland, another country with a good offer of mountains and outdoor activities. I work at University of Geneva as a Senior Lecturer.

Geneva with its famous Jet d'Eau (Source: www.wikimedia.org).